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        I'm a published author of Historical Fiction and Historical Romance. My life has taken me far and wide well before I began to write for publication. I have had careers as a theatrical costume designer, a fashion designer, and a college professor; I'm a lover of books, history, art, music, films, and theater. The continued study of historical fashion helps to get the details correct in my novels. But being an all-or-nothing kind of person, I also have to know about the history, homes, people, and lifestyles of my favorite periods. These encompass the Elizabethan through the Victorian periods, the Sixteenth through the Nineteenth Centuries. (Please check out the Historical Clothing page.) The too-strange-to- believe stories of real people provide fodder and inspiration for my novels and short stories. Since it is more fun to explore these times and places with friends, I hope we can do it together.

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Allegorical Painting:
Sibilla Persica (Persian Sibyl)
(Giovanni Francesco Barberi)